1. Lower cost of education compared to major study destinations like the United States, United Kingdom and Australia

According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition fees for an undergraduate degree program is around CA$30,000* for 2019/2020 intake and the recommended average cost of living in Canada is around CA$15,000* for a single person; hence, making the cost of education to be around CA$45,000* (SG$46,500*, MYR143,000*). Compare this cost of education in Canada with studying in Australia which would cost around AU$52,000* per year, you can see that Canada offers a comparatively lower cost of education.

*All figures are round off to the nearest hundreds for ease of explanation.

2. Wide range of study programs and flexible study pathways

With more than 15,000 study programs and flexible study pathways offered by Canadian colleges and universities across Canada, more often than not, you can achieve your education goals when you study in Canada.

3. International students can work during and after studies

Yes, international students can work while studying in Canada. During school sessions, as an international student, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours and during official school breaks, such as the winter and summer holidays or spring break, you can work full time which is up to 40 hours per week. 

And, the cherry on the cake is the opportunity to stay on in Canada and work for up to three (3) years after graduation through the Post-graduation Work Permit program.

4. Possibility of immigration and gaining Canadian permanent residency

Canada is possibly the most welcoming country when it comes to international students settling permanetly in Canada after studying and working in Canada for some time. Till date, many students from Singapore and Malaysia have successfully built meaninful careers and established an exciting life in Canada.

5. Study in Canada is an experience for life

Many would know that Canada has always been ranked as the best place to live on earth, as having a superb quality of life as well as an outstanding quality of education. When you study in Canada, you know that you are studying with the best and the brightest from within Canada and the world, you will enjoy one of the best quality of life in a friendly society, beautiful environment free of natural disasters and graduate with a world recognized qualification that would set you up for a promising future.