Often, students and parents asked what documents do they need to bring along to Canada; hence, we hope that the list below will be informative and helpful.

While this list applies to most students, please be reminded that it serves only as a guide and it is not exhaustive.

  • Printed version of your electronic airline tickets; especially if you have a return ticket,
  • Printed version of your travel insurance certificate (more about travel insurance here)
  • Printed version of your Letter of Introduction (i.e. study permit approval letter) from Canadian immigration (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, IRCC),
  • Printed version of your Letter of Acceptance from the Canadian institution which you used to apply for your study permit and the one that you will be attending,
  • Printed version of your financial documents if you are self-funded (more about funding here)
  • Original academic transcripts/results and certificates as well as printed versions of their certified true copies,
  • Original letter from your doctor if you are bringing with you large quantities of prescriptive medications,
  • Printed version of your medical/immunization records;
  • Printed version of key addresses and contact information of relatives, hostels, on-campus residences, homestays and/or hotel reservations,
  • Printed version of hotel reservations.

Have the above documents neatly filed in a A4 sized clear display book folder/file and packed in your hand luggage (i.e. not in your checked-in luggage as you would need to clear immigration first before retrieving your checked in luggage) as you may be required to produce these documents by the border agents (i.e. immigration officers at the port of entry) issuing your study permit when you arrive in Canada.

We would also recommend that you scan the above documents as well as your passport for safekeeping in your laptop and mobile phone. In addition, email the scanned documents to yourself. You may also considering leaving one printed set with your family in Singapore or Malaysia.