Throughout our 12 years or so in providing advice on post-secondary (i.e. university studies) in Canada, we have been asked which Canadian university offer this or that program alot. While there are many site like or, we hope that this page and what is to follow will help you along from a bird’s eye view perspective.

Instead of giving you a search founction where you can use keywords for your search, we have organized this directory base on the broad field of studies and from there listed the Canadian universities that offer the program or its related studies with links to the respective program page within the universities’ website.

While best effort is made to ensure that the information presented is accurate to the best of our knowledge and research at the time of writing, you are strongly advised to take this directory as a first point of research as well as reference only and you are to refer to the university website for detailed information and, if necessary, emailed the university for further clearification.

From the team at Think Study Canada

Architecture & related studies

Business & related studies

Communications & related studies

Economics & related studies

Education & related studies

Engineering & related studies

Fine Arts (Visual, Performing & related studies)

Health Science & related studies

Kinesiology & related studies

Law, Security & related studies

Liberal Arts & related studies

Political Science & related studies

Social Services & related studies

Science & related studies

Social Science & related studies

Theology & related studies